It's for the Children!

I will be participating in Tulsa's "Bowl For Kids' Sake" fundraiser on Feb 17th. This event is the primary fundraiser for the Tulsa area Big Brothers & Sisters. The raised money helps match volunteers with kids that need them and it supports those matches.

Although I've reached my required fund-raising goal, there's no reason you shouldn't donate to the cause. Make a donation now

Powerful server for sale?

Over the weekend I decommissioned the computer formerly known as BradKent.com.
It's been a fine webserver for the last 5-6 years. As I've continued to add tasks (such as file/media-server), it's suprising the lil 333MHz trooper kept up at all.
I'm sure "former bradkent.com" computer would fetch a pretty penny on eBay.?

Responsive city government?

Last Wednesday my coworker was calling the city of Tulsa to bicker. Apparently some skank water had pooled in the street outside his home and his street doesn't drain in general.. Anyhow, that reminded me that I've always thought of voicing my concern to the city of Jenks about a dark stretch of busy road that is just curvy enough to be dangerous. So, I sent the city an email which said the road needed restriped or, perhaps some reflecty tabs layed down. Imagine my suprise when there were reflecty tabs in the road Tuesday evening. That's less than a week later.

1 billion and counting

At 7:30 this morning I turned 1,000,000,000 seconds old... Just a bit of worthlessness for you.

More worthless info:
There are now 523 527 wrappers in my wrapper archive.
I had to get the "Darth Mix" wrappers via ebay (My first über collectory act)

Updates Schmupdates

Russell gives me demerits for not following up my notebook post... I ended up getting a Gateway 3522GZ. Sure, it's not the spiffyest, but it was "cheap."

Also, I'm still looking for Star Wars Darth Mix m&ms (the dark chocolate ones)!
So if you spot them, let me know!

Candy Bars Now