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I've been told that this "blog-like" page is an odd amalgamation of server updates/woes and running results.. So I'll combine both in this post.

Here are the times from my last 3 races... not too shabby. I would have liked to been faster last night but had allergy issues all week. But, I beat the mayor, so that's something.

Cinco de Mayo 5/6/2005 22:47
Zarrow 4/23/2005 22:56
St Patrick's Day   3/12/2005   22:41

So, I get home from the race and I'm talking to someone over the 'ol instant messaging when the webserver emits a loud pop..whirrr, and the fresh scent of fried electronics into the air. Never good. My good fortune that I was in the room. Anyhow, the power supply finally gave out after at least 6 good years of service... 4 of which were 24/7. This morning I pilfered a spare from an old machine and everything's peachy.


I'd like a notebook computer.. If I were to get one it'd probably be one of these three: Any reccomendations?

Less than smooth

Upgraded to MySQL 4.1 this morning.
Should have taken <15min...
1st I forgot to uninstall the old mysql service, so the new install farted there...
(had to reinstall old, to uninstall the services...)
The biggest problem:
I guess I overlooked the "it doesn't work with PHP" memo..
finally discovered how to add "old-passwords" to my.ini
everything seems happy now

Long time no update

Happy Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, Groundhog day, etc...

Vote For the Admiral Twin
I just happened accross a contest pitting Tulsa's Drive-In theater against a Madison County bridge. The winner gets $20,000 towards renovation.

On Sun the 30th I ran a 10K race in a former salt mine.
2005 Groundhog Run

Vote and stuff

I'm sure everyone that comes here is looking for my political commentary. I'll just say I've voted, you should to. I'm now in a media blackout. Maybe I'll wakeup tomorrow morning and find out who won. It'll be just like Christmas!

On the subject of voting, the Tulsa Zoo has made it to the final five in Microsoft's America's Favorite Zoo contest. Vote for the Tulsa Zoo

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