All work and no play makes Brad...

One could infer from my lack of postings that either a) nothing is happening, or b) I've been too busy for silly updates. Well, the answer is both?

It's hot outside - gotta stick with indoor fun. I did go for a early morning bike ride today though. It was suprisingly pleasant and almost spring-like.

Went to Big-Splash with the niece n nephew over the weekend and I now have a nice red hue. Note to self: squirty bottle sun-block is worthless.

I've tweaked the wrapper site up a bit and made it more "blog-like".

  • The wrapper-viewing public can now leave and read comments. The lack of response has me guessing the new commenty goodness simply hasn't been "discovered" yet.
  • New RSS feed - Keep up with the latest wrapper additions and comments.
  • Gone is the popup viewing window

Just discovered all my previous entries had been entered in the 12-hour format but without the am/pm. Anything posted at 2:00pm shows up at 2:00am. Retroactively fixing...

Can't exceed my semi-yearly update schedule.

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