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Serving Size
1 ball - 1oz
Calories 140
Fat Calories 60
** Percent daily Values (DV)
are based on a 2,000
calorie diet
Total Fat 6g10%
Sat. Fat 4g19%
Cholest <5mg1%
Sodium 15mg1%
Total Carb. 21g7%
Fiber 0g0%
Sugars 20g 
Protein 1g 
Vitamin A 0%Vitamin C 0%Calcium 2%Iron 0%
 *Contains less than 2 percent of the Daily Value of these nutrients.

There are 7 comments.

  • November 1st, 2012
    Kaitlin says:

    http://www.nationwidecandy.com/snacks/items/10655.htm found them!!

  • June 16th, 2012
    alyssa says:

    yeah i miss these but the company stopped making them because thier use to be toys in the candy so they saw that as a choking hazard, then later they made them again and then some company bought the comany who made them and just stopped making them.

  • May 19th, 2012
    Kristen says:

    Where can I find these??

  • February 24th, 2011
    Savannah says:
    I always loved these when I was young. I cant find them anymore and it saddens me.
  • September 21st, 2010
    Tricia says:
    I used to love these when I was a kid. I'm 16 now and I can't find them anywhere. Where can I buy these?
  • July 1st, 2010
    Teresa from Louisville says:
    Yea I would like to know what happend to the Wonderball thay were at Krogers but now there not......WHAT HAPPEND
  • February 12th, 2010
    Rhiannon from Derry says:
    Where can i buy these????

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