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Serving Size
1 package - 1.65oz
Calories 250
Fat Calories 140
** Percent daily Values (DV)
are based on a 2,000
calorie diet
Total Fat 15g23%
Sat. Fat 9g45%
Cholest 5mg2%
Sodium 55mg2%
Total Carb. 25g8%
Fiber 1g6%
Sugars 18g 
Protein 4g 
Vitamin A 0%Vitamin C 0%Calcium 4%Iron 2%
 *Contains less than 2 percent of the Daily Value of these nutrients.

There are 43 comments.

  • August 22nd, 2015
    Rick Robinson from Talladega, Alabama says:
    Loved Royal Flush. WHY did they stop making them? Just good candy.
  • March 18th, 2015
    Linda from Alabama says:
    I really miss my Royal Flush. To my taste buds it was the best. Hope someone starts making it again really soon. That would be to soon for me! If they are on the market please let me know.
  • March 18th, 2015
    Dale from Alabama says:
    Best candy bar ever made, it is.
  • September 22nd, 2014
    Diane from Ohio says:

    The Royal Flush was a darn good candy, I mean great!

    It was chocolatey, crunchy and wafery one big bar. I still have memories of them, from growing up in the south and I'm in my 60's...  Wow! wish they stilll made them. I'd love to crunch on one now.  Unbelieveably delicious stuff.

    I must also note that I miss the Big Time and Hollywood candy bars, too. 

  • December 26th, 2013
    david hutto from alabama says:


  • November 8th, 2013
    Joan from Alabama says:

    I had looked numerous times for the Royal Flush candy bar from the early 60's.  It was my favortite and apparetly many others.  If you find it is being made again, please notify. 

  • April 23rd, 2013
    Katie Mayers from Gainesville Ga says:
    I am also a fan of the Royal Flush candy bar. I have been researching trying to just find a recipe for it. I wish they would bring it bad. It melted in your mouth and made my childhood a lot better. If you have a recipe, please email me. Thanks..
  • January 21st, 2013
    Kathy Jarvis from NC says:
    I have told my children for many years this was my all time favorite candy bar! The closest one to it would be the Bar None, but still I would have to say the Royal Flush would have to be my all time favorite!! Oh why can't it it be recreated like a lot of the old candies they have brought back?
  • December 21st, 2012
    BARB from MANKATO, MN says:

    I too LOVED this candy bar - it was my absolute favorite!  I could never - ever walk by the cashier counter and NOT buy one...just couldn;t do it.  I was truly weak when it concerned them.  Why they don;t still make them I will NEVER know...they are nuts!  

  • October 28th, 2012
    Nate from Los Angeles says:

    The people at Hershey's must be seriously intellectually challenged. The idea of bringing back the Bar None bar should be a no brainer, for sure. It was, after all, only THE greatest candy bar known to man. That candy bar kicked butt and took names! It put all other candy bars to SHAME! - That's how great it was.

  • October 3rd, 2012
    Barbara from north carolina says:

    Royal Flush was also my favorite. I even called all tha candy companies asking they were the ones that made it, but The Curtis C. never even crossed my mind. Maybe if all of tried to email or call them maybe they might bring it back. Seems to me the royal flush also had a little fruity taste to i, maybe raspberry??

  • September 16th, 2012
    Mary from ky says:

    Royal Flush the best candy bar ever; followed by Bar None. Why did they have to take those away. I am so tired of the advertising for all the m&ms etc. and all the different reeses. It seems to me they could try bringing them back with good advertising they will hit it big again.


  • September 16th, 2012
    Mary from ky says:

    Royal Flush the best candy bar ever; followed by Bar None. Why did they have to take those away. I am so tired of the advertising for all the m&ms etc. and all the different reeses. It seems to me they could try bringing them back with good advertising they will hit it big again.


  • February 27th, 2012
    Randy Beasley says:
    One of my Granddaughters ask me yesterday what my favorite candy bar was, and when I said Royal Flush she said " never heard of it ". LOL
  • January 28th, 2012
    Elaine from North Carolina says:
    Royal Flush was my favorite candy bar too, I would love to have one now! I have never tired Bar None but would love to but apparently they have been discontinued as well.
  • January 17th, 2012
    Jimmy says:

    I have looked for a Royal Flush since my childhood. I never dreamed so many other folks feel the same way I do...I thought I was a little different remembering the delicious flavor all these years, and searching for one for so long. Now I know it's not just me. BRING IT BACK, PLEASE, CURTIS CO.

  • October 2nd, 2011
    motherm says:

    I loved the Royal Flush, but haven't heard of them in many years. Wish they would make them again, and make them the same as before.

  • August 29th, 2011
    Ebb from Georgia says:

    I found this page looking for the Royal Flush candy bar. In 1960 I lived in Alabama and ate them a lot . When I moved to Chicago Illinois my sister sent them to me by the case. On another site I found out the Royal Flush was regestered in1926 serial no. is 71240649. Made by the Curtis Co. It said the butter finger was made by that company. I wish they would bring it back

  • August 10th, 2011
    Rjd from TEXAS says:

    Someone bring back the original BROWN pkg. BARNONE.

    I want my kids to try my favorite childhood candybar.


  • March 26th, 2011
    rich says:
    I loved the Royal Flush back in the 50's and 60's. It was the best candy bar around
  • February 16th, 2011
    mombo says:
    The Royal Flush was awesome. Used to eat it layer by layer. The fine ground nuts in the outer chocolate may have been hazelnuts- giving it a very distinctive flavor. The chocolate between the waffers was a tad darker than the outer chocolate but still in the milk choco vein. And you know they made it with no high frutose corn syrup- currently the Piroulines at Big Lots have a bit of this taste and guess what no corn syrup-- made in Mississippi!
  • February 3rd, 2011
    Marsha from North Carolina says:
    The Royal Flush was the best candy bar ever. Will it ever make a come back?Why on earth would they stop making a prize of a candy bar!
  • February 2nd, 2011
    Donna says:
    Royal Flush-the best. Everyday in JR High-grilled cheese sandwich,potato chips and a Royal Flush candy bar. The lunch room lady knew that was what I was getting becaue it NEVER changed. I would love a Royal Flush right now!
  • December 23rd, 2010
    marsha says:
    I loved the Royal Flush candy bar.My friend and I used to get one of them a bag of barbacue peanuts and a small bottle of coke cola everyday after school.
  • November 17th, 2010
    Meli from US says:
    I miss the original Bar None's those were my faves! This second coming was nice to see when it came out, but not as good as the original. I'd still take those over nothing though. Please bring them back!
  • October 29th, 2010
    Sherry from New Orleans says:

    I have been looking for the Royal Flush for years. I agree with the others. It was the best Candy in town. If someone want to get rich quick they need to bring the Royal Flush back. Thats a REAL THROWBACK FOR REAL!!!!!!!!!BELEIVE THAT!!!!!!WHO DAT!!! GO SAINTS!!!!!

  • September 13th, 2010
    brandon says:

    the reason this is not the same candy wrapper because this is the mexico manufactured product cause if u look it says there is carmel the original bar did not have carmel

  • April 1st, 2010
    Phyllis from Kentucky says:
    The royal flush candy bar was my favorite. 1966 I purchased a whole box. Haven,t been able to find the candy bar since although I have looked many places. I wish they would bring it back.
  • March 25th, 2010
    Stella says:
    Yes, I remember the Royal Flush candy bar. I sure wish I had one right now. Does anyone know where you can buy them or the company that made them? If so, please e-mail me. Thank you.
  • February 27th, 2010
    Mae says:
    I loved the Royal Flush Candy Bar, and after I couldn't find it, I found the Bar None (it was so close to the Royal Flush). Both are so delicious and I wish so much that they would become available again. What are the chances?
  • February 3rd, 2010
    Ella from Harriman, Tn says:
    Tes Lynn I remember the Royal Flush candy bar.This is how I found this site. It was the altimate candy bar in the 50's and early 60's. I was trying to find out who made it. I don't remember the wafer being chocolate it was white. gosh that was the best thinking about it arouses my taste buds to the max.
  • January 30th, 2010
    the unknown says:
    i loved bar none as a kid.i remember my parents whould not buy them for me as often as i wanted,and i remember saying when i get big im going to buy them all .im big now so im hoping they bring them back. the yellow pack is what i remember. that bar so good make me want to try to make them myself.what a memory
  • December 26th, 2009
    Michelle from Nashville says:
    Yes, please, for the love of all that is Holy, bring back the BarNone! No caramel please! Just that original chocolate goodness that I could easily eat myself sick on! My waistline will hate you, but the rest of me will adore you and do ANYTHING for these!
  • October 1st, 2009
    Gary from Mississippi says:
    Royal Flush was my all time favorite Candy Bar !  BARNONE is 2nd
  • May 6th, 2009
    Luis Maciel from Brasil says:
    This chocolate is very tasty. I know where the meeting?
  • June 3rd, 2008
    Lynn says:
    I loved them too!  They reminded me of an older candy bar from the 50's & 60's called Royal Flush.  Does anyone remember these????
  • March 9th, 2008
    Derek from Mississippi says:
    this was my favorite candy bar of all time. I still mention this candy bar name and people don't even know what i'm talking about. I remember both wrappers and love them both. the Bar Nore was the best. Like Brain said i remember eating it when i was five (now 24) We need it back!!! We might need to protest to have it back... i love em!!!!
  • February 5th, 2008
    Brian says:
    Oh man, Bar None was one kick-butt candy bar! You know it had to be great when you can remember eating them when you were about 5 years old (25 now). Let's bring them back! I'd buy a case..
  • January 8th, 2008
    REA from ATL says:
  • May 17th, 2007
    SJ says:
    I didn't even realize barnone had been discontinued until my cousin sent me a packet of the new ones. They're good...but I think I'll always prefer the originals!
  • April 2nd, 2007
    J says:
    This was the second coming of Bar None.  You are both right, the first time it came out it was one larger bar.  MAN was that a good candy bar!
  • January 22nd, 2007
    mike says:
    I agree with Sheila above. I only remember the dark wrapper, and not a yellow one. Also, it was one big bar as opposed to two smaller ones. A little checking places reveals that it didn't originally have caramel either. Sort of a cross between a Kit Kat and a Whatchamacalit. My favorite discontinued candy bar, why on Earth did they stop making these?
  • September 29th, 2006
    Sheila says:
    This was my favorite candy bar as a child, but this is not the wrapper I remember.  The one I remember was a dark brown and black.

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